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Henry Crider
Virginia Lawyer 30+ years

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Practice Areas:

DIVORCE - I have litigated dozens of equitable distribution divorces, in multiple jurisdictions. I pride myself on attempting to reach timely and practical solutions in these complex, stressful matters.

CUSTODY/VISITATION - Nothing can create more anxiety than a custody/visitation dispute. Every effort is made to render services both competently and compassionately in this most difficult area.

CRIMINAL REPRESENTATION - From simple misdemeanors to capital murder, I have carried out criminal defenses vigorously, in both court and jury trials, my entire career. Reported cases: Watkins v. Com, 229 Va. App. 469, 331 S.E. 2d 422 (1985); and Fontaine v. Com, 25 Va. App. 156, 487 S. E. 2d (Va App. 1997).

CIVIL LITIGATION - I have handled numerous civil disputes ranging from personal injury/wrongful death to property damage disputes between neighbors giving my utmost attention to representation, regardless of value. Reported cases: Harris-Teeter, Inc. v. Ester S. Burroughs, 241 Va. 1, 399 S.E. 2d 801 (1991);

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY - During my career, I have made numerous appearances before Administrative Law Judges and have handled appeals with respect to denied claims.

GENERAL PRACTICE - In addition to litigation, I have drafted hundreds of agreements bringing about peaceful resolution to contested matters such as divorce, property and debt division, child and spousal support and other negotiable subject matter. Put my experience to work for you.

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